Supply List

5th Grade Materials List for Hokes Bluff Elementary School


1 pair of inexpensive headphones used in computer lab & with chromebooks (REQUIRED)

Heavy Duty 3 ring binder (1 ½ inch) or Trapper Keeper

1 heavy duty canvas pencil bag

3 packs of wide ruled paper

1 pack of plastic dividers with pockets

5 composition notebooks – not spiral

1 handheld pencil sharpener with catcher for 


2 packs of copy paper 

2 - 11X14 canvases at Hobby Lobby (cheapest possible)

3 packages of yellow #2 testing pencils

2 packs  of cap erasers

2 packs of crayons – 24 count 

2 packs of colored pencils 

2 boxes of markers

1 drawstring style backpack for art supplies 

1 pair of scissors

Glue: 1 liquid & 6 glue sticks

1 dispenser of clear tape 

1 pack of red pens for student use

1 pack of highlighters--assorted colors

1 box of gallon size and 1 box of quart size 

freezer bags

1 pair of safety glasses for science experiments

Requested Classroom Supplies

**3 rolls of paper towels (select-a-size) 

**3 boxes of facial tissues

**1 liquid soap                   **disinfecting wipes     

**2 hand sanitizers           **disinfecting spray

**Extra #2 testing pencils to donate to classroom

Please pay the following separately (cash or checks----made to HBES).

-Donation of $10,  paid to homeroom teacher to 

 purchase additional needed classroom supplies  

-Locker Fee of $10, paid to homeroom teacher  

 (combination locks only please)