Image result for patriotic symbols Welcome to Mrs. Dauser’s 5th Grade History Class

I am so excited about the upcoming school year!  You’re all fifth graders now, and that means this is your very last year at HBES!!!  I hope this will be a memorable, fun filled year of learning for you!  I am excited about the new changes in fifth grade this year…we will be changing classes for every subject.  This will be exciting for all of us, as well as a great way to prepare you all for middle school.   I look forward to seeing you all in history class each day!!!


Social Studies curriculum will be a combination of Social Studies Weekly newspapers, textbook Social Studies:  Building a Nation (Scott Foresman), web sources, and other sources applicable to their studies.  Each student will receive a weekly newspaper that will be his/her’s to keep.  These newspapers are to be kept inside the History pocket of your binder.  It is important for you to have this each day in class.    Textbooks will not be assigned to each student, but will be available in the classroom to supplement newspaper content.  


Tests will be given upon completion of each weekly newspaper.  Typically, these tests will be given on Fridays but may vary based on holidays, school events, etc.  In addition to weekly tests, students will complete a minimum of one research project during each nine week quarter.  Students will also earn grades for successful completion of daily work and class participation.

Grades will be calculated based on the following:

Weekly tests- 100 points each (up to 8 each nine weeks for a total of 800 possible points)

Research Project- 100 points

Daily Work – 50 points

Classroom participation – 50 points

1000 possible points!

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.  I check my email throughout the day, and will respond to emails during my planning time each day (8:00-8:45) or during dismissal (2:40-3:00).  My email address is  

It’s going to be a great year!!!