Classroom Procedures

  1. Enter the classroom quietly and in an orderly manner.
  2. Always sit up straight in your desk facing forward.
  3. Please raise your hand to ask/answer a question, to comment, sharpen your pencil, or get permission to leave your desk.  Do not blurt out answers or questions.
  4. Please take care of bathroom/water breaks during designated times.  If you have a medical condition, your parents should contact the school and they should indicate it on your information form.
  5. You are responsible for bringing all necessary materials (paper, pencils, vocabulary journal, library book, etc.) to class every day.
  6. Make sure you have two sharpened pencils every day.  Pens are not to be used unless I give you a specific assignment involving their usage.
  7. You are responsible for keeping your work area clean.  You may not get up during class to throw things in the garbage can.  You may do this on your way out the door at the end of class.
  8. Please do not write on the desks.  They are the property of Hokes Bluff Elementary School and cost $100 each.  If you write on your desk, you will clean every desk in the classroom. 
  9. Cheating will not be tolerated and will be handled judiciously according to school board policy.  This may result in a grade of zero on the assignment/test.  If you use someone else’s work, you and the other person may both receive a zero.
  10. Write all assignments/upcoming tests/quizzes in an assignment book or notebook.
  11. When turning in an assignment, always put your first and last name on the top line next to the left-hand margin with the date on the same line next to the right-hand margin.  Skip down to the next line and write the subject area next to the left-hand margin with the class period next to the right-hand margin.
  12. If you choose not to complete an assignment, you will still turn in a paper along with the rest of the class. 
  13. If you miss an assignment or test due to an absence, it is your responsibility to arrange a time to make up the work.  You are expected to make up missed work within three days after you return to school unless there are special circumstances approved by Mr. Tisdale.  I strongly encourage you to be present every day so that you won’t have to worry about getting behind.
  14. In case of fire, the bell will have short rings.  We will quietly and calmly line up and exit the building to the right of the classroom door.  We will walk in a straight line to the designated area with no talking.
  15. In case of severe weather, the bell will have long rings.  We will quietly and calmly exit the classroom to the left and line up against the wall between my classroom and Mrs. Dauser’s door.  There should be no talking during this time.
  16. No writing or passing notes in class
  17. Chewing gum is not allowed in my classroom.  If I catch you with gum in your mouth you may be asked to write about your love of chewing gum.
  18. If you become ill and unable to do your work, I will send you to the nurse.  If you are allowed to leave the room, please do so quietly and without disturbing other students.  Remember we are in a learning environment.
  19. When it is time for class to end, wait for me to dismiss you.  Then you may gather your belongings, clean your work area, and quietly leave the room in an orderly manner.
  20. When announcements are made, any talking will cease and we will listen carefully.  There will be no talking during morning/afternoon announcements.
  21. Grades will be weighted in the following manner:

              Daily Grades (Classwork, Homework) – 50%
              Test Grades – 50%
              You will receive a progress report every four weeks of the nine-week grading period.
              To arrange a parent-teacher conference, please call the school at 492-5571. 
              I can also be reached by  email at

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