Homework Expectations and Information
Math Homework -
Your child will have math homework on Tuesday and Thursday nights.  Please complete and check math homework and classwork with your child. 
Spelling Homework-
Spelling words will need to be studied nightly. We complete spelling activities daily in class, but please study these at home as well. There are many fun ways to study spelling words with your child. Spelling words are found on your child's study guide.
Reading Homework-
Your child's reading book will be sent home every Monday night to read our story for the week. This book will contain the high frequency words for the week also. Your child will also have a nightly fluency passage that will need to be read. Time your child for 1 minute each night and record how many words they read on their passage.
Vocabulary Words-
Vocabulary words are located on your child's study guide. Right now we are not testing on these words, but they still need to be studied and discussed at home.  
High Frequency Words-
Studying high frequency is very important for your first grader. These words are located on your child's study guide. They will need to be able to read these words by themselves for their test on Friday.
PLEASE check your child's red take home folder DAILY. We will do different workbook pages/activities daily that will help your child study for the different tests we take. Your child will have a new study guide each week. Please put this in a safe place where you can study each night with your child.