supply list 1

Hokes Bluff Elementary School

First Grade Supply List



___ BOYS- 1 box quart size ziploc bags;  GIRLS- 1 box gallon size ziploc bags

___ 4 PLASTIC folders with fasteners---2 red and 2 blue

___ 2 packs 24-count crayons

___ 2 packs #2 pencils, sharpened if possible

___ 1 pack 8-count magic markers in PRIMARY COLORS (larger size, not skinny markers)

___ 1 pair scissors

___ 2- 4 oz. containers of school glue

___ Primary Mead Journal (picture of this journal on back)

___ ream of primary handwriting paper

___ pack of manila paper

___ 1 box watercolor paints

___ 1 plastic school box

___ 1 ream of copy paper

___ headphones for computer lab

___ 1 backpack (No backpacks with wheels)

___ 2 box of tissue

___ 2 large containers of moist wipes

___ bottle of hand sanitizer



___ Harcourt Grammar Practice Book

Purchase the Grammar Practice Book at the school on Meet-Your-Teacher-Day or on the first day of school.  Checks can be made out to “Hokes Bluff Elementary”.


Cash or check made out to HBES-

____ Donation of $10.00 for instructional materials and art supplies


Optional Classroom Supplies-

Teacher would WELCOME and APPRECIATE any additional cleaning and/or instructional supplies:

___ paper towels                                                    ___ extra reams of copy paper

___ additional container wet wipes                         ___ highlighters- any color

___ quart Ziploc bags                                 


********** The first day of school for students is Monday, August 19, 3013.  Please check the school website- for our “Meet The Teacher/Bring Supplies” day and time.  Thanks!!