Unit 2
Spelling Words Reading Comprehension
Vocabulary Strategy
Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Strategy Skill Genre
unblock thirty shred dart sickly Week 1 Ask and Answer Questions Theme Folktale Root Words
unborn width shriek guard hardly
unchain northern shrimp award quickly
unload fifth shrink backyard slowly
unlock choose script argue carefully Week 2 Ask and Answer Questions Theme Drama Antonyms
recall touch screw spark wonderful
relearn chef screech target beautiful
resell chance straighten smart graceful
rewash pitcher straps charge spoonful Week 3 Summarize Main Ideas and Key Details Narritve Nonfiction Context Clues
rewind kitchen strand carpet darkness
imperfect sketched sprout warp shapeless
indirect ketchup sprawl door ageless
incorrect snatch sprang fort illness Week 4 Summarize Main Ideas and Key Details Expository Text Prefixes
illegal stretching splashing morning goodness
overact rush splotch stork spotless
overheat whine thrill cord painless
subway whirl throb worn weakness Week 5 Meter and Rhyme Point of View Lyric Poetry and Haiku Figurative Language
premix bring throat stormy darkest
preplan graph thrift core clearest
supersize photo through bore thoughtful
Challenge Vocabulary Words
interact expression threaten charcoal brilliantly Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5
transmit theater strictly forecast straightest attracted annoyed crumbled camouflaged brittle
Review dazzling attitude droughts dribble creative
stone unload choose screech door fabric commotion ecosystem extraodinary descriptive
blown relearn photo shrimp smart greed cranky extinct poisonous outstretched
lower subway whine throat argue honest familiar flourished pounce metaphor
requested frustrated fragile predator simile
soared selfish imbalance prey rhyme
trudged specialty ripples vibration meter