Unit 5
Spelling Words Reading Comprehension
Vocabulary Strategy
Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Strategy Skill Genre
blanket famous brain grocer pebble Week 1 Visualize Problem and Solution Realistic Fiction Similes and Metaphors
blossom radar staircase pepper humble
dipper razor domain barber double
distant vacancy praise grader gamble
foggy beside trainer polar trouble Week 2 Visualize Cause and Effect Tall Tale Homographs
fossil beyond oatmeal tanker uncle
member defend beneath singer needle
nodded delay repeat enter fiddle
planner demand reveal odor cuddle Week 3 Summarize Problem and Solution Biography Greek Roots
plastic prevent increase collar cradle
rumbles secret sneak zipper jungle
slender veto boast powder single
summer bison afloat danger marble Week 4 Summarize Sequence Expository Text Context Clues: Antonyms
swallow diver croak cheddar ramble
tablet cider compound popular tackle
thriller silence discount harbor ankle
traffic clover speed anchor freckle Week 5 Summarize Sequence Informational Article Proverbs and Adages
welcome spoken sleeve elevator buckle
willow stolen sheep daughter hustle
witness tulip baboon victor tangle
Vocabulary Words
Challenge Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5
cupboard request employee conductor staple bouquet plunging dizzy cling expedition
friendly sequence reindeer waiter stifle emotions prospector experiment dissolves archaeology
encircle scoffed genuine gritty era
express settlement hilarious humid document
Review fussy shrivel mischief magnify evidence
talking swallow secret increase barber portraits territories nowadays microscope tremendous
drawn plastic diver oatmeal anchor sparkle topple politician mingle uncover
shawl rumbles spoken sleeve cheddar whirl withered procedure typical permanent