Unit 3
Spelling Words
Reading Comprehension

Vocabulary Strategy
Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5

Strategy Skill Genre
herb wrinkle center clams fishbowl
Week 1 Visualize Point of View Fantasy Context Clues
person wriggle once mints lookout
sternly wrapper scene props yardstick
serpent wrench spice arches desktop
worse answer circus dresses campfire
Week 2 Visualize Point of View Realistic Fiction Context Clues
pearl knead cement parents overhead
dirty knives police caves waterproof
birth known certain glasses grandparents
shirt kneel ounce hobbies railroads
Week 3 Reread Author's Point of View Biography Synonyms and Antonyms
twirl knew glance engines snowstorm
swirl plumber germs couches loudspeaker
purse combs bridge arrows bookcase
curl thumbs badge enemies bedroom
Week 4 Reread Author's Point of View Biography Latin and Greek Suffixes
curve lambs strange babies blindfold
curb condemn orange ranches newborn
hurl resign ginger patches bedspread
turkey doubtful wedge mistakes yourself
Week 5 Reread Author's Point of View Persuasive Article Greek Roots
turnip hour arrange supplies overdo
purpose honestly sponge mosses clothesline
blurred honor village armies undertake

Vocabulary Words
Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5
spurt knuckles general batteries eyesight
acquaintance assigned boycott address advancements
further wrestle ceremony compasses paperweight
cautiously generosity encouragement divided agriculture

complementary gingerly fulfill haste characteristics

jumble mature injustice opposed concerns
logical organizations mistreated perish disagreed
slowly person combs circus dresses
scornfully residents protest proclamation inherit
quickly curl kneel germs arrows
scrounging scattered qualified shattered prevalent
beautiful shirt wrench spice babies
trustworthy selective registered tension resistance