Sight Words

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1st Nine Weeks

Week 1- but, I, am, on, I'm
Week 2- no, said, is, a, ran
Week 3- be, at, red, my, yes
Week 4- you, can, pretty, go, the

2nd 9 Weeks
Week 5- all, must, to, green, with
Week 6- three, ate, like, too, has
Week 7- went, black, into, he, had
Week 8- eat, come, say, yellow, four
Week 9- please, here, in, this, now
Week 10- run, not, me, for, it

3rd 9 Weeks
Week 11- our, under, new, do, where
Week 12- ride, look, you, saw, well

Week 13- white, will, see, one, soon
Week 14-  make, away, what, two, help
Week 15- down, big, jump, up, she
Week 16- funny, we, play, five, want
Week 17- find, six, out, there, who
Week 18- that, are, they, seven, have
Week 19- give, little, she, good, eight