Supply List

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2017-2018  Kindergarten Supply List

Please DO NOT label supplies:

5-packs of 24 count crayons                                                        1-(clear front pocket) pencil pouch bag

1-pack of 6 count glue sticks                                                        1-set of headphones-No EARBUDS!

1 box of washable markers (classic colors)                               4-packs of #2 yellow wooden                                                                                                                        pencils                

2-(blue) Plastic folders with pockets and prongs                               1- pair of scissors (Fiskars)

2-(red) Plastic folders with pockets and prongs                   1- 8oz. Bottle of white school glue

2-packages of Manila Drawing Paper

1-pack of copy paper

1 Primary Journals Early Creative Story Tablet K-2nd grade (Mead suggested)

1-plastic nap mat

1-Backpack (Big enough for nap mat to fit inside) - NO ROLLING BACKPACKS, PLEASE!

$10.00 Donation for Classroom art supplies

1- Bottle of hand sanitizer                                                            1-Bottle of liquid soap

1- Box Hefty one-zip gallon size bags                                       1- Box Hefty one-zip quart size                                                                                                            bags

2- Large boxes of wet wipes (box style)                                 2- Large boxes of tissues

3-paper towels

Kindergarten Orientation: TBA Check school website

Parents only-No Children, Please! Bring supplies.

Meet your teacher day: TBA Check school website