Computer Skills - Test Tools

Student Technology Skills 

for Computer Based Testing (Teacher Resources)


Online Resources:  



Double click

Click and Drag

Bees and Honey Game (Point, Click & Click and Drag)



Make a Pizza

Learn Mouse Skills

Bobby’s Busy Bakery



Thunder and Lightning Bowling



Use MS Word to demonstrate basic concept.


Use MS Word to demonstrate basic concept.

Left click

20 mouse skills sites


Right click


Click drop down menu

Use MS Word to demonstrate basic concept.


Type Rocket

Big Brown Bear

E-Learning for Kids




Please refer to the ACT Aspire TestNav Tools document located at:   

Exemplars for demonstration of skills below:

Other helpful links:

Demonstrate how to:

*Click to type in a specific box

*Differentiate between testing  

  window and main screen window


*How to close a window and      

  return to the toolbar

p. 8

* Locate drop down menus

p. 2

*Locate and use magnifier 

p. 2

*Locate, activate & manipulate 

  tools including turn tools on/off


*Locate and use highlighter

p. 15

*Manipulate “Pointer” tool

p. 10

*Locate and use line reader

p. 4

*Select a radio button (Choose answer)

p. 11

*Show, hide and use line reader

p. 4

*Use  + and –  symbols to control 



*Use answer masking tool

p. 6

*Use the “function machine” feature

*Use the answer eliminator feature

p. 9/10

*Use the built in scientific calculator

p. 8

  • How to remove red “X”  in AE feature

p. 10

*Use flag and review


Universal Technology Terminology

*Indicates that these terms may have similar but slightly different usage within the ASPIRE testing environment.

Answer OptionOne of the possible answer choices to a question.

Back and Forward ButtonsIn a web browser, these are controls that allow a user to go “back” or “forward” a page.               

ContractTo decrease in size.

Drop Down MenuA graphical element that when activated allows the user to see a menu of possible choices and/or values.

ExpandTo increase in size.

Gear Icon *Sometimes used as an icon to indicate the location of program settings.  

HighlightTo make text/object stand out on a display screen by using the Highlight tool.

IconA picture or image that represents something. (Like a computer software program)

Line Indicator Section*Separated lines that helps focus attention on a selected passage.

Logout *To end a session at the computer by exiting applications.

Magnifier A tool that makes words larger.

Multiple ChoiceA type of question where the test taker is asked to choose the best answer from a list of choices.

Play/Stop Icon *A graphical picture or image that is used to control the ability to play and/or stop sound, videos, recordings etc.

Radio ButtonA round graphical user interface that you can click to select an option, answer or command.

Screen ShotA copy or image of what is seen on a computer screen at a given time.

Text to Speech* Ability to translate the written text into spoken words

“X”*Usually means “close” a window. Check TestNav document for particular ASPIRE use.

Skill Check Sheet for Teachers
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