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Student Technology Skills 

for Computer Based Testing 

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Double click

Click and Drag

Bees and Honey Game (Point, Click & Click and Drag)



Make a Pizza

Learn Mouse Skills

Click and Drag to Create with Color


Thunder and Lightning Bowling



Use a Google Doc to demonstrate basic concept.


Use a Google Doc to demonstrate basic concept.

Left click

20 mouse skills sites


Right click

Right Click on the Image

Click drop down menu

Use a Google Doc to demonstrate basic concept.


Jungle Junior Typing for Kids


Big Brown Bear


Nitro Type - Racing

Universal Technology Terminology

*Indicates that these terms may have similar but slightly different usage within the ASPIRE testing environment.

Answer Option - One of the possible answer choices to a question.

Back and Forward Buttons - In a web browser, these are controls that allow a user to go “back” or “forward” a page.               

Contract - To decrease in size.

Drop Down Menu - A graphical element that when activated allows the user to see a menu of possible choices and/or values.

Expand - To increase in size.

Gear Icon * - Sometimes used as an icon to indicate the location of program settings.  

Highlight - To make text/object stand out on a display screen by using the Highlight tool.

Icon - A picture or image that represents something. (Like a computer software program)

Line Indicator Section* - Separated lines that helps focus attention on a selected passage.

Logout * - To end a session at the computer by exiting applications.

Magnifier A tool that makes words larger.

Multiple Choice - A type of question where the test taker is asked to choose the best answer from a list of choices.

Play/Stop Icon * - A graphical picture or image that is used to control the ability to play and/or stop sound, videos, recordings etc.

Radio Button - A round graphical user interface that you can click to select an option, answer or command.

Screen Shot - A copy or image of what is seen on a computer screen at a given time.

Text to Speech* Ability to translate the written text into spoken words

“X”* - Usually means “close” a window. Check TestNav document for particular ASPIRE use.

Skill Check Sheet for Teachers
This was created for ASPIRE; however, it assesses skills that are needed for any computer based assessment.
Created as a Collaborative Project with contributions from Tarrant City Librarians Louise Parsons, Cendy Cooper & Mary Neely and Alabama Library Media. Creative Commons License ASPIRE Test Technology Skills Teacher Document by Alabama Library Media is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.    Interaction number SD1767977  ACT   DCoe 3/6/2015