My Teaching Philosophy/Policies/Expectations

Mrs. Losco’s Classroom Policies for 3rd Grade


Reading: Students will read daily for 30 minutes in class independently at their level, 30 minutes or more guided by their teacher, and at least 15-20 minutes orally in a practice skills activity. They will also need to read for 30 minutes at home each night. This can be broken up into 15 minutes with someone/guided, and 15 minutes aloud to someone. The KEY is to provide the opportunity that supports and builds your child’s reading skills.They may use their readers or a leveled book. The more they read and someone reads with them the more they will grow as readers.  Student’s reading skills will be assessed in the following ways: Biweekly- meaning: they will work on CONNECTIVE reading, language, and spelling skills for approximately 8 school days ( 1 week and a half), then they will be asked to complete activities/assessments (Test like activities) based upon the skills they have been taught to see if they have learned these skills/words (and at what level). If they regularly practice these skills in school and at home they will be prepared to perform these tasks. They will be graded tasks/activities/assessments. NO WORRIES: our goal is to get every child to reach benchmark 85 or higher in these skills/reading levels before the year is out. ASSESSMENTS/TESTS will be just like the reading, upon the 9th or 10th day of the unit of study.

Grammar/Language Arts: Grammar and language art skills are taught using daily sheets as well as within the texts we read. You will find a summary of these skills on our weekly Study Guide Sheet (It is a guide, not the actual questions to memorize, so please see their daily activities sheets that will be in their binders in the labeled sections for examples to go over). I will also supply links, websites, etc. for places they can further practice at home, so ALWAYS look daily in their homework planners. This may be their homework for the week. ASSESSMENTS/TESTS will be just like the reading, upon the 9th or 10th day of the unit of study.

Spelling: Your child’s spelling list will appear on that weekly study guide sheet given on Monday’s. We will practice in class using our daily sheets. They will also have homework each night as a practice in this area. PLEASE read their homework planners DAILY.ASSESSMENTS/TESTS will be just like the reading, upon the 9th or 10th day of the unit of study.

Math: Our math program is Go Math! I will also be enhancing it with activities I will pull from other programs as I see fit. I will also base my time on a topic on the overall need of the majority of my students. All tests will occur mid chapter, then at the end of each chapter/Unit. Addition facts should be mastered around the end of the first nine weeks. Multiplication facts should be mastered by the end of third grade. This is a major part of the third grade curriculum. You will be given 2-4 days notice prior to ASSESSMENTS/TESTS/GRADED ACTIVITIES. ALWAYS read their homework planners DAILY.

Science/Social Studies: These curriculum areas are based around a program, but are not limited by them. We enhance as we see fit to meet the State Standards. I tend to work on them as chapters/units. I usually switch it up weekly. However, I have been known to cross curriculum teach (combine them if the topics go together). We also include current event topics as they arise. Your child’s grade will be on classroom activities, chapter/unit tests (you will receive study guides/ references on ways to review the topics for them; I give 2-3 days notice), and in class projects that you may at times need to gather information as homework assignments in order to complete the projects in class. I usually give a one week notice prior to the turn in date, sometimes more.

Conduct: Each nine week grading period your child begins with 100 points. Points are deducted for each rule broken, and each missing homework assignment. The conduct sheet stays in their green folder labeled Weekly Papers. This folder will come home with their weekly tests from the prior week every Tuesday (at the latest Wednesday). Please sign it and return it the next day. If I do not receive it by that Friday I will deduct 2 points from their conduct. It is both the parent/guardian and the child’s responsibility. Thank you for your support with this.

Homework: As I stated in my welcome letter, I believe in a little bit of homework. Homework develops those skills learned through practice. Homework also provides the parents/guardians with information about the daily skills and concepts being taught. I assign the following homework Monday through Thursday: Spelling, Math, and their 30 minute nightly reading. It will be easiest if completed nightly. However, I do give a grace period so if something comes up. As long as any nightly missed assignments are turned in by Friday Morning of that week I do not give a conduct mark, so rest a little easier.

SPELLING: Mon.-Thurs. An activity surrounding a group of words/word skills we
 worked on that day. You may use Friday’s or that weekend to review any activity your child may have been challenged by or you think needs more practice.

MATH: Mon.-Thurs. 10-12 circled examples from their Go Math! Homework p
age, as well as study any facts sheet I place in the front of their binders.

READING:  Read every night for 30 minutes, reread that day’s story see their h
omework planner for details. You may split the time 15 min. daily story, and 15 min. a book of choice.

  • All graded tests, projects, class assignments will be based upon 100 points.

  • Prior to any test given a study guide(s) will be placed in the Study guide section of their binder (3rd tab).

  • All daily notes or communication should be placed in the parents notes section of their binder (1st tab), please check this every night and return papers that need signing the very next day. Thank you! 

  • PLEASE DO NOT remove anything from any section other than parent notes. We use the papers in the binder to teach daily.

  • If you take something out of a section (other than parent Notes) PLEASE RETURN it as soon as you are finished.

I appreciate all you do for your child and our school. If we work together we will have a successful year!


Teacher Contact Info: I will use ClassTag to update you on all important school and class events as reminders or as new information arises. It’s a fun way to keep you posted.  

My email: or you may call the school to schedule a phone conference/meeting: 256-492-5571

If a simple note will do, send it with your child that morning and I will respond the same way.