School and Grading Procedures
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The Conduct slip will be sent home each Tuesday to be signed and returned the next day. (The Conduct slip will be in the front pocket of the Assignment folder along with weekly tests.) Please sign and return the Conduct slip to school on the next school day. Your child will receive a conduct mark daily if the slip is not signed and turned in on time.  Please discuss and praise your child’s efforts on their tests and behavior.  It is important that your child realize you expect them to always do his/her best.

Conduct marks will be given when a child does not follow the rules listed below.  Please discuss these rules with your child.  Each conduct mark will be 1 point deducted from 100 for each rule broken.  The grade listed at the bottom of the conduct sheet will be their grade for the 9 weeks-grading period.  

1. Mind the teachers and respect other students. Be a good listener.
Treat others nicely and mind the teacher. Do not interrupt the teacher; always raise your hand before speaking.
2. Follow school rules in hall, bathroom, lunchroom, and P.E.
No running in halls, sidewalks, or lunchroom. Use quiet voices in hall and lunchroom.
3. Complete class work and homework neatly and on time.
Students are responsible for turning in homework on the day it is due. Please be aware that second grade teachers do not search or go through back packs. Students are expected to finish work promptly and neatly and have supplies ready for class.
4. Work quietly and stay seated while completing class work.
Do not make noises or walk around the room unnecessarily disturbing others while they are working.
5. Take care of school property, classroom property and all school supplies.
Keep desk neat and clean. Supplies should be stored in the desk and not on the floor. 


Spelling Tests

A spelling list will be given to your child each week containing a list of the spelling words that go along with the weekly story.  These lists will stay in their poly-binder to be studied at home and at school.  The spelling tests will be given on Thursday each week.  




Reading Tests


WONDERS is the name of our new reading program. This program has 2 student books (one used on Mon. and Tues. and the other for the rest of the week). The tests will be on the story from the big book that they will carry home with them each night and skills (vocabulary, grammar, etc) we have covered during the week. Please help prepare your child for these tests by reading the story and going over class work and skills daily from their study guide.


Math Tests

GO MATH is our new Math program. Each chapter varies in length and tests will be given at the end of each chapter. A Chapter Review Test will be completed at school and sent home to be studied. Parents should sign and return the Chapter Review Test to school the next day for a grade. Since this is a new program, other information about additional tests may be sent later. 

School Procedures

Breakfast- $1.00, Lunch- $2.00, Snacks-$1.00 Drinks- $0.75  

Students can pay for their lunches by the day, week, or month and should be able to key in their lunch number to check out. Students may buy a snack at school or bring a drink and snack from home.  No canned, glass bottles or carbonated drinks in thermoses. 

School Arrival-Bus duty begins at 7:20 and students should not arrive at school before this time .Children will report to their hall and wait outside their room quietly until 7:45.   They will need to have a book to read or something to study during bus duty.  School begins at 7:45 and tardies will be counted if students are not in their classroom by 7:45.  

Absences and Tardies- If a student is absent please send a written excuse on the day they return to school.  These are kept on file.  Make-up work and tests should be made up within 2 days of your child’s return to school.  If a student is tardy, an adult will need to sign them in at the office before they come to their classroom.

Make-up Work- If a student is absent and a parent would like to pick up make-up work, please call the school before 12:00 to give the teacher time to get the work for them.  You may pick your child’s work up after 2:00. 

Money-Checks may be written for book orders, but they will need to be made out to the Book Company.  Checks made out to HBES will also be taken for donation and lunches. 

******Any money sent to school should be in an envelope or ziplock bag labeled with your child’s name, what the money is for and amount. ******

Going Home-If your child will be going home a different way, OR if someone different will be picking them up, we MUST have a note. We must have this in writing for your child’s safety. 

PTO- Membership is $3.00 per member.  We would love to have 100% this year.  Our PTO Staff is wonderful and we want to show our support.  


Conferences-If you need a conference with your child’s teacher, please call the office for an appointment (492-5571).  All parents must sign in through the office before visiting their child’s classroom.

If you have any questions about anything, please do not hesitate to let me know. I am here for your child and I am looking forward to working with you.