Homework Guidelines



Yes! Reading at home is that IMPORTANT!

So, what should your child be reading for homework?

- Our Weekly Story – Begin by reading the story to your child the first night. On the next night, you read a page, they read a page. The rest of the week your child should read the complete story on their own. As you are reading, stop and ask questions on each page. Ask your child to read the words that answers your question.

-Library Books – Your child should always have a library book from the school library or a local library to read.  One of the best times to take an AR test is first thing in the morning while we are working on morning classwork.

-Favorite Books at Home – It is always fun (and good practice) to read a favorite book again.


- Go over math pages with your child. Let them tell YOU how to complete the page. Look for anything they may be having trouble with and review it with them. Have your child complete the homework page, check, and return it to their homework pocket to bring back to school.
   One of our main goals in second grade is to know from memory all sums of two one-digit numbers. You can practice this at home by using flash cards, playing card games.or using computer programs like Extra Math.

STRIDE Academy
- We use this computer program at school and you can use it at home,too! (Log-in information has already been sent home.) This is a great tool to help your child become more proficient in reading and math. I recommend at least two-30 minute sessions a week, alternating between reading and math.  At school, we work for 25 minutes, then have 5 minutes of game time.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about homework.