Mrs. Ball’s Curriculum and Grading for 3rd Grade

Weekly Reading tests monitor how well your child understands the weekly story as well as the skills taught that week. We will have two reading tests. 
The Selection Test will ask questions about the main story and vocabulary words. (Given Thursday)
The Weekly Assessment will ask your child to read a short story and answer questions about the story based on the skills taught that week. (Given Friday)

Grammar/Language Arts
Grammar tests will be given on Thursday. They will cover the skill studied during the week to help your child study. Review class work pages your child brings home in their binder.

Tests (100 points) will be given on Thursday. The spelling list will be in your child’s binder.
Workbook pages may be graded at various times.

Tests (100 points) will be given after each chapter.
Homework and class work will be graded at times. Please check and initial your child’s math homework each night.
Addition facts should be mastered by the end of the first nine weeks.
Multiplication facts should be mastered by the end of 3rd grade. We will practice these facts.

Science/ Social Studies
Tests (100 points) Tests will be given after each chapter is completed. Your child will have a study guide to help them study for the test. I will give 2-3 days notice before all tests.
Class work grades will be given at various times throughout the grading period.
Projects (100 points) We occasionally have projects to be completed at home in science and social studies. Students will be given plenty of time to complete projects.

Each 9 week grading period your child begins will 100 points. Points are deducted for each rule broken. The conduct sheet stays in the green folder sent home each night. I need you to initial that sheet at the end of each week. Weekly papers will be sent home on a certain day from the previous week. Please sign these papers and return the next day. CHECK THE GREEN FOLDER EVERY NIGHT. This is also the place where you can write me notes. I check it daily!