Sight Words
1st Nine Weeks

1. but, I, am, on, I'm
2. no, said, is, a, ran
3. be, at, red, my, yes
4. you, can, pretty, go, the

2nd 9 Weeks
5. all, must, to, green, with
6. three, ate, like, too, has
7. went, black, into, he, had
8. eat, come, say, yellow, four
9. please, here, in, this, now, not, me, for, it
11. our, where, new, do, under

3rd 9 Weeks
12. ride, look, you, saw, well
13. white, will, see, one, soon
14. make, away, what, two, help
15. down, big, jump, up, she
16. funny, we, play, five, want
17. find, six, out, there, who
18. that, are, they, seven, have
19. give, little, she, good, eight

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